I'm here to help you

Write converting copy for each step of the customer journey.

Product launch marketing is more than an inbound effort. Having engaging and consistent content for each buyer touchpoint is crucial for launch success.

Strategic content launch planning

Let’s work together to define your launch goals. From there, we can create a tailor-made content strategy aligned with your objectives and customer data.

I aim to provide you with a clear and comprehensive content plan that considers trends, user personas, seasonality, and all other essential marketing strategies. 

A well-planned content strategy is the secret ingredient for any successful product launch.

Copywriting to feed all channels

Your customers have varying content preferences depending on where they are in the buyer journey. Therefore, when you launch a product, it is crucial to have content that caters to every stage of the customer journey across all your marketing channels, from the initial discovery of your product to the purchase.

I am excited to assist you in telling your story in a distinctive and captivating way. 

Enabling internal teams

To make your product launch a success, your sales team will need to sell your product, your customer support team will need to assist your clients, and your marketing team will have to promote it. 

I can help you enable your teams with all the necessary tools.

Sales velocity optimisation

You’ve finally launched your product and now you’re keeping a close eye on your online efforts. You’re promoting your product on your blog, in your database, and through your social media channels. You’re also collecting customer feedback and monitoring sales numbers. But your work doesn’t stop there.

Based on your findings, you may need to tune your marketing and promotional programs or introduce new ones to give your product a boost.

I can assist you in developing a plan for the six to twelve months following your launch. I can also create content to keep driving continued awareness, generate leads, and optimise sales velocity.